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 I like the mess of painting: a wild space of diverse occurrences, a jumbled language, blowing in the wind, unraveled. Sunset transforms into a sign which transforms into a screen which transforms into a painting. Meaning is superimposed upon meaning, language upon language. Almost an image.

 My painting largely engages with the question of how you perceive and construct reality; how, within open and scrambled systems of knowledge, a link may be created between you and the world, between you and yourself. I am interested in paintings that come together and deconstruct before your very eyes, and you are an active partner in their construction. Painting is also a real attempt to meet, to see the other in the blended space of meanings.

 You could say I am addicted to painting, to its infinite possibilities, to the freedom it offers within its predetermined space. I am also addicted to the engagement with matter, to the sensuality of a substance that transforms into an image, yet remains a substance: material blends with material, one image encounters another; the fruitful tension between eye and hand, between consciousness and the body, imaginary and real, virtual and actual. In the space of painting, the boundaries between all these categories blur and dissolve, and you are free to embark on a journey.


Alon Kedem

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